Two-factor authentication support

Host1Plus 8 months ago in General • updated by Adrian 4 weeks ago 7
I would like to have a two-factor authentication for Client Area.

Please indicate your preference when commenting:
- Mobile Authenticator (Google) app
- Secondary email
- other
This is currently under review and pending more customer votes. We would very much appreciate your feedback on what's the preferred method.
I would like to add yubikey to the list
Google Authenticator and U2F. And don't limit U2F support to Chrome; test for availability of the relevant API. There is a Firefox plugin that works fine, but only on GItHub because everyone else is doing user-agent testing.
Good stuff, Laurence, Emmanuel. We'll add your comments to our internal issue tracker.
This feature is a must .... I prefer SMS and google authenticator
I would also like support for YubiKey FIDO U2F - this would be awesome! :)

SMS and Mobile Authenticator