Under review

Migrate VPS between Geo locations

Host1Plus 2 years ago in Cloud Services / Virtuozzo • updated by Monstavicius 12 months ago 2
I would like to migrate my VPS from one geographic location to another.
Under review
We are in review phase for this feature as it will touch multiple layers of our infrastructure. If you have ideas or suggestions on how you would like to see it working - please vote and comment bellow!

My website was down for 03 DAYS for a failure of Host1plus communication.

There was a migration during Cristhmas and the communication said it was necessary no further configuration - THAT WAS WRONG!

Due to holiday I just realized my site was down on early 26/Dec, after 02 days!

It took more one day to you inform me that was necessary more RAM in order to put my site UP!

Total of more 03 days DOWN!

That's ridiculous!

Really upset with this bad service. I am still avaliating the damages that my company has suffer due to this fail communication.

I suggest to be more carefull on future communications.