Backups Urgente para Cloud Brasil

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Nossos dias atuais fornecem um serviço de qualidade como um host1 fornecem nao ter um opcao de backup e um pecado muito grande ...

O backup poderia ate ser no exterior assim poderia migrar um servidor de sites com Cpanel para o cloud host1


Bought domain now I get spam

djboni+h1p 12 months ago • updated by Host1Plus 10 months ago 1

Long story short: Let us fill the domain registration information OR protect us free of charge. Do not expose your clients information.

Here is the chat with support (modified a bit for shortness).



Recently I bought a domain. And somehow spammers found out my email
address and are spamming me to sell their web development

They are very specific: "Thank you for registering
mydomain.com! The next step you can do for mydomain.com is to make sure
it is listed in the search engines. ..."

Now imagine when the spammers get hacked and their email lists leak: more spam! And so on...

Since I did not fill my email address anywhere for the domain
registration this probably happened from Host1Plus side, leaking my
registration email.

I would like to know two things:

1) How did my email address leak?

2) What can I do to avoid this hassle in the future?



However, domain service has ID protection, which hide all WHOIS is information from the public access.

We can enable this feature for 10 USD / year. Let us know if you interested in this offer.

As far I know, we are using your billing information for domain registration.



I just found what happened. Host1Plus leaked ALL my information in the registration.

My name, address (REAL ADDRESS), email, and telephone number.

You should enable that protection for anyone who registers a domain, and free of charge.


I really hope this changes something!


warning before supend one vps

Enrique Herrero 1 year ago 0